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2 thoughts on “2017090311275151”

  1. Thanks, I just been trying photograph the graveyard in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The day had been sunny and warm and the light not very interesting. As I walked across a pedestrian bridge back to the center of town, over the tracks, the sun began to drift into a milky/smoggy horizon and reflected off the tracks in a very faint pink/orange. Otherwise the scene would have been rather flat.
    There are that many tracks there because in the 1800s Bydgoszcz was a hub connecting the railroads to the canals making it an industrial and shipping center. The control box?. it probably looked rather 1970s-ish with big square buttons and metal switches. I’ll bet there was a map of the yard that took up a whole wall and had lights for each of those junctions.

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