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Photographer: Cathy Wilson

I'm a retired dance teacher with hobbies in photography, Qi Gong and Red Hat Society. Once a ghosthunter, I'm also an author of a book about the paranormal. I'm originally from Missouri and now live in Idaho where the scenery is breathtaking and the Magic Valley Camera Club is an inspiration.

4 thoughts on “2018010603194119”

  1. This is fantastic. I bet it would be really good in B&W also. After it has played out in color, you might want to convert it to grayscale and run it through the combines again.

  2. I love the tonality of this image. I first saw the b/w version, but this one works better for me with its subtle play of colors.

  3. I notice that both versions are doing very well here. I find myself going back and forth between loving the b/w or the color more. as of today I’m with you Simon, color version is a beauty.

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