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Photographer: joelaron

San Francisco Bay Area Fashion/Portrait/Street Photographer : Director of Cinematography : Lighting & FX : Lucasfilm Animation

5 thoughts on “2018021103053293”

  1. I have a thing about the 10th ranked photo. Sometimes, the most interesting photos get ranked last. Sometimes, it is better to get a reaction than be boring. This one definitely got a reaction and I think it is great.

  2. I love seeing this photo pop up. It’s great. It could be that some of the detail, esp that face, gets lost in a smaller view.

  3. so good! didn’t it happen before with one of mine or yours, fotoski? I was going to look it up in the comments, but noticed there are over 650 comments so I gave up. great photo, Joel!

  4. Yes, Trent, it happened a few weeks ago with one of your images in results from consecutive matches, scoring 10th in one and 1st in the next. I called it out to you. and that’s why I called out your name, even though this time it was Joel’s photo.
    Joel, I have this thing about the #10 photo. I quite often think they are the winner, because the last thing you want to be is boring. If an image gets a reaction, it is achieving something.
    I am least happy when “awarded” 6th, 7th, or 8th: not good enough to be liked, not bad enough to be hated.

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