3 thoughts on “2018123009244056”

  1. I love it! Very different decisions than most photographers would make in trying to get a “clean” shot. Also, wonderful control of contrast between inside and outside of the car.

  2. LOL! Not sure if that’s a compliment or not…(smiles). I sure would have rathered a clean shot of the beautiful beast but tried to make the best of it.
    I’m liking the variety of fun contests you’ve been coming up with.

  3. Well, of course it’s a compliment. I leave my nasty comments off this site.
    What I am saying is that most people would jump out the far side of the car (leaving the door open for a quick retreat) position for a clean shot and then get that clean shot of a bear, which would most likely not be very different from thousands of other other clean shots of bears. In this case, the setting makes the photo not just an image of beautiful beast, but also puts it in a human context, letting the viewer share in a vast array of human emotions that go along with seeing large predators up close.

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