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Photographer: Nashgraphy

Drew Nash is currently the Chief Photographer of the Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho and owner of Fly Photography LLC. Born in Missouri and raised in Idaho, Nash attended Idaho State University receiving his B.A. in Mass Communications. Becoming a member of the NPPA in 2005, he has kept a watchful eye on photographers rights and seen the industry evolve over the years. In his free time Nash enjoys exploring the Magic Valley, learning about its rich history.

5 thoughts on “2019082004264765”

  1. No, the guide threw a bunch on there for it to roll off. I didn’t direct him or anything, but that’s how it came about. Turns out that after flash flooding all the guides get together and actually shovel all the sentiment back out of the canyons. So the slot canyons aren’t quite as natural as they seem.

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