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Photographer: TMichaelR

5 thoughts on “2019120104441698”

  1. I really like this photo and am sorry to see it place 10th. I think it might score higher if it were lightened, to reveal more of the intricate reflections in the middle, and maybe the bottom right were burned down just a little to bring the eye into the center of the image. I hope I am not overstepping any bounds by suggesting this. This picture has some entrancing qualities to it.

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks! I liked it too and tenth is rather disappointing tbh! I am now looking at the original image and comparing it with the online version on Fovi8. I am disappointed how the image rendered when it was uploaded. The highlights were quite muted, even muddied. In the original, the reflections are quite turquoise and blue. (Probably more correctly termed “refractions” than “reflections”- refractions of a steel grating beneath crystal-clear water.) This is something that I have noticed lately with many of my uploads: that they are rather “muddied” and render more yellow than the original images. Sometimes, disturbingly so. Am I using the wrong color space (it is in sRGB) for the Fovi8 site, or something? Advice is welcome.

  3. I found that when I used Adobe RGB the resultant uploads were darker and less vibrant: the colors slightly muted. I switched to sRGB and got results that are closer to what I see on my screen, but still a hint darker. It’s not enough of a difference to consciously darken an image, but if I am debating an adjustment, I will er on the side of lighter. It also depends on what program I am using. I find that output from Lightroom results in a darker image than PhotoShop. There must be many minor ICC adjustments inside my applications that affect it. If I do the final color adjustments in PhotoShop, the uploaded image is rendered closer in appearance to what I saw before. I hope this is useful. I really enjoy a lot of your images.

  4. Thanks! You know, I think that may be it! I had started using Lr more and more to the exclusion of Ps, and directly exporting from Lr. I will be trying some experiments uploading from the different programs to see how they compare.

  5. oh yeah, sRGB is what you want for uploading to fovi8 or any website. I had the same problem. In your Lightroom export, have it export with the sRGB profile and things should match up perfectly. Or in Photoshop, save it with the sRGB profile

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